Bird Box on Netflix: DOUBTS arise over 45 MILLION viewing figure for Sandra Bullock horror

NETFLIX announced that Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box horror was watched over 45 million times in its first week, however, there are some doubters. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

by gvwtv | Published 2 weeks ago
By gvwtv On Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

‘Star Wars Last Jedi and Doctor Who BACKLASHES are the same’ Is THIS why fans are unhappy?

DOCTOR WHO 11 ends tonight with New Year special Resolution on BBC1, but is fan frustration exactly the same as the Star Wars Last Jedi backlash? What went wrong? Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By gvwtv On Sunday, December 30th, 2018

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse: Can you download the WHOLE script online? Here’s how

SPIDER-MAN INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE is being heralded as one of the best superhero movies ever. Here’s how you can download the whole script online. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By gvwtv On Saturday, December 29th, 2018

Aquaman end credit scene: Did you spot THIS Justice League and FLASHPOINT teaser?

AQUAMAN END CREDITS have a hidden Justice League link which leads into the DC Flashpoint storyline. Did you spot it? Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By gvwtv On Thursday, December 27th, 2018

Bird Box on Netflix SEQUEL news: Is the author’s NEXT book a Bird Box sequel?

BIRD BOX is terrifying viewers on Netflix and everyone wants to know if there will be a sequel. Is author Josh Malerm’s next book Black Mad Wheel the sequel and what happens? Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By gvwtv On Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody: Becoming Freddie Mercury – Rami Malek’s movement coach reveals all

RAMI MALEK’S movement coach from Bohemian Rhapsody has revealed all on Freddie Mercury’s unique stage presence, which the actor had to try and master. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By gvwtv On Monday, December 24th, 2018

Aquaman deleted scenes: Why THIS major Arthur moment was cut – ‘It sounds important’

AQUAMAN has conquered the box office around the world – and details of one particular deleted scene have emerged courtesy of its director. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By gvwtv On Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

Bumblebee post credits scene: Is there an end credits sequence in new Transformers movie?

BUMBLEBEE is beginning its worldwide rollout – and critics have hailed it as the best film in the Transformers franchise. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By gvwtv On Friday, December 21st, 2018

Star Wars SHOCK: Anakin Skywalker’s FATHER revealed in official Darth Vader comic

ANAKIN SKYWALKER’S father has been revealed in an official Darth Vader Star Wars comic. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...

By gvwtv On Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Star Wars 9 title and trailer release date ‘DELAYED’ and fans WON’T like why

STAR WARS 9 has “delayed” the release date for the first Episode IX teaser trailer and title reveal, and fans will not be happy at the reported reason. Daily Express :: Films Feed  More...